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Mindfulness meditation. You know it makes sense

If you live in Richmond, you may still be coming down from the high of the Richmond Tigers’ premiership glory. So it is time to learn meditation. If you want to perform at the level of the Richmond team, you need mindfulness meditation. Ask Dusty!

Our classes are around the corner in Hawthorn, and we teach newcomers the practice of mindfulness and meditation.

In our meditation courses you will improve focus, clarity and concentration.

You become more relaxed, and can take a sense of calmness into any situation.

With continuous practice you will find an abiding sense of peace and ease within. In time this becomes blissful.

As we master the practices to a greater depth, our inner strength and resilience increase.

We settle disturbed emotions.

Less, reactive, a more powerful awareness brings a deeper insight. Our connection with others becomes deeper and richer.

The meditation course

Toby Gillies is an Australian Buddhist monk. He ordained in the Tibetan tradition and gives our meditation classes. Toby has been teaching meditation and guiding students for 40 years.

An eight-week course is enough to get started, but you can drop in for a single class if you would like to try it first.

If you are seeking meditation classes near Richmond, give our sessions at Melbourne Buddhist Meditation classes a try. You can learn meditation from a traditional source.

Whether from the suburbs below, or elsewhere in Melbourne, our location in Hawthorn is central and easily accessible to Melbourne’s eastern suburbs.

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Due to Covid our classes are now on Zoom.

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Our meditation classes are conducted by a Buddhist monk, Toby Gillies who has vast experience in teaching meditation.