Meditation and mindfulness

Introductory Meditation course

with Buddhist monk Venerable Toby Gillies

7.00-8.00pm each Tuesday.

$25 per class

Learn the Inner Workings of Your Mind with Meditation

Buddhism Meditation Classes Kew

Are you intrigued by mindfulness meditation or Buddhism for beginners? Kew locals wishing to connect with their deeper self can explore the benefits of meditation through the guidance of the Venerable Toby Gillies.

Students can enjoy increased calm and happiness by practicing meditation. Kew residents finding themselves exhausted, stressed or pressed for time can find serenity at our conveniently located Hawthorn meditation centre, for classes that range all the way from introductory beginners’ classes to advanced Buddhist classes.

Meditation begins with conquering our fears, turning our negative emotions into positive ones instead. Choose to join our 8-week course or simply drop into an individual class, with all of our authentic meditation classes in the Kew area being led by Venerable Toby Gillies.

Those looking for mindfulness meditation in Kew can easily access our Hawthorn centre for accessible and engaging classes – contact us today to learn more!

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Our meditation classes are conducted by a Buddhist monk, Toby Gillies who has vast experience in teaching meditation.