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Once learned, mindfulness is a powerful tool that will bring us serenity and calm throughout our lives. Mindfulness can be cultivated through meditation practice, with our meditation classes in the Camberwell area being the perfect way to begin.

All our beginners’ classes enhance your ability to be mindful, or to focus on the present moment. The more you practice mindfulness, the more clarity and focus you can bring into various elements of your life, as well as enjoy other benefits such as improved health, energy and sleep. If you feel you are too busy to meditate and develop your mindfulness, that is a clear sign that you actually need to do mindfulness meditation! Camberwell locals wanting to better understand their own habits, feelings, emotions and senses can rely on Venerable Toby Gillies for friendly and gentle guidance.

If you have been looking for meditation near Camberwell, beginners’ or advanced, contact us today.

Whether from the suburbs below, or elsewhere in Melbourne, our location in Hawthorn is central and easily accessible to Melbourne’s eastern suburbs.

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Due to Covid our classes are now on Zoom.

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Our meditation classes are conducted by a Buddhist monk, Toby Gillies who has vast experience in teaching meditation.