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Ready to start? Our introductory classes will have you meditating in no time.

Learn meditation and mindfulness from the ground up with our conveniently located meditation classes. Box Hill locals can gain a deeper understanding of their mind and emotions thanks to our Buddhist and beginners’ meditation classes in Hawthorn. This greater understanding of your mind will help to bring increased happiness, success and peace, allowing you to share your best self with others.

The Venerable Toby Gillies guides all classes, drawing on Buddhist teachings learnt over the course of his lifetime. This wealth of experience and the lineage of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition informs the meditation and mindfulness practices conducted at Melbourne Buddhist Meditation Classes. We practise in harmony with a structured program of study, with the process providing us with the mental and spiritual tools we require for success in every domain of our lives.

Whether you are looking for advanced Buddhist classes or beginner-friendly meditation, Box Hill residents can rely on our Hawthorn meditation centre for a comfortable, accessible approach.

Whether from the suburbs below, or elsewhere in Melbourne, our location in Hawthorn is central and easily accessible to Melbourne’s eastern suburbs.

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Due to Covid our classes are now on Zoom.

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Our meditation classes are conducted by a Buddhist monk, Toby Gillies who has vast experience in teaching meditation.