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Find stillness, calm and freedom from stress by practicing meditation. Balwyn locals can easily access Toby Gilles’ Hawthorn meditation centre for guided meditation classes which emphasise the power of mindfulness.

Meditation is itself a spiritual journey. In meditation we are able to conquer our fears. With that, our emotions start to even out and become positive. As we learn to focus and develop our inner awareness Regular practice releases us from the hold of negativity and limitation. Whether you choose to only drop in for one class or commit to ongoing practice, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of meditation in every aspect of your life.

The ideal avenue for undergoing this transformation is through authentic meditation classes, led by the Venerable Tony Gillies. Classes are engaging and accessible, with students being taught the methods that are best suited to their development and nature.

Those looking for meditation classes near Balwyn will find a sanctuary at Melbourne Buddhist Meditation Classes – simply contact us to book your place in one of our classes.

Whether from the suburbs below, or elsewhere in Melbourne, our location in Hawthorn is central and easily accessible to Melbourne’s eastern suburbs.

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Due to Covid our classes are now on Zoom.

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Our meditation classes are conducted by a Buddhist monk, Toby Gillies who has vast experience in teaching meditation.