Toby Gillies Buddhist Meditation

One minute Buddhist meditation

A one minute Buddhist meditation

This simple one minute Buddhist meditation has the power to change your life

Let your gaze rest briefly on the image of the Buddha and know him as your Guru.

Then recite the prayer, it only takes half a minute at normal pace.

Spend the rest of the minute allowing the prayer and the image of Awakening, the Buddha, to sink in. Then go about your day.

At the end of the day, before bed, reflect on your day in the light of the prayer and the Buddha image as a reflection of your own Buddha nature, or Buddha within.

Meditation for whenever you need it

At any time during the day that you feel you may like to gather and centre yourself, you can take a moment for this prayer and remembering the Buddha as Guru. It will set your intention toward truth and goodness for yourself and others and put the events you encounter into perspective.

In our meditation classes those who attend, and are exploring the Buddhist approach, have expressed a genuine desire to put time aside to meditate. But life can be incredibly hectic so that even the best laid plans can go astray. It was in light of these time pressures that the ‘One Minute Meditation’ was conceived. I hope it proves helpful.

I will explain more of the concept of the Buddha within, karma, and truth (ultimate and conventional) in subsequent posts. These subjects help to fill out the Buddhist meaning of the prayer. But I thought to present the One Minute Meditation as an option for a minimal amount of meditation practice first.

This simple prayer itself is more powerful than mindfulness meditation practiced without the intent expressed in this prayer. Reciting the prayer, or traditional prayers like it, and then meditating for as many minutes or hours as you wish is perfect.

But as a minimum you can start with this one minute Buddhist meditation and prayer. Practice it sincerely and see how life changes for the better.

The Buddha

Shakyamuni Buddha image

The Daily Prayer

I meet this day blessed with life

And all I need to awaken.

I give myself to a love of all

As shown by my Guru, Buddha. 


Mindful and aware I give no harm

But always look to contribute.

Slights and pain I will endure

And for my gifts be ever grateful.


May all find their Buddha within.

May we come to peace and bliss.

With bad karma cleansed in truth

May goodness shine forever.