Toby Gillies Buddhist Meditation

Happy New Year

A New Year meditation

A Meditation to start your year

The Buddhist teachings tell us that New Year is a special time. It is a new beginning and a time to set our direction. It is worth taking the time for a new year meditation.

Every morning we awaken to the day grateful for yet another breath. A new year, like each day, brings with it fresh opportunities.

So what can we do with this continued gift of life to shape it in the best direction?

First, we can set our mind toward enlightenment, not as a long-distance goal, but as an ever-present awakening to the good both in and around us.

Moment by moment, through this day, this year and this life, awaken to the love within and around us. The love of friends and family, the love of our work and our achievements, and the love of the world with its beings and environments – love is the fuel of life.

Inspired by love, this year we will make new friendships and strengthen old ones. We will care for those around us and those we encounter. Our face will shine with the kindness we show. Our interactions will bring happiness, a smile to the face.

May our goodwill bring good fortune to those we encounter.

Meditate to strengthen the quality within

Let us awaken to our best nature, our Buddha-nature, the pure consciousness with which we know the truth. Abide in the Buddha’s peace and clarity and feel the depth of this joy and bliss. Whenever we pause there is an opportunity to rest and refresh, immersed in our Buddha-nature, and to reflect on how we express that best to those around us.

In 2018 we will be mindful of karma, conscious to do good and to avoid creating suffering for both oneself and others. Restrain from anger, grasping, pride, prejudice and fear. Emerge from self indulgence and embrace the world.

This year we are able to meet any challenge before us and surmount any obstacle or misfortune.

Let love fill our hearts and wisdom clear our minds.

In 2018 we will never forget to spend time in meditation to direct our energy toward the benefit of all.

In this we find the enlightenment we seek, that awakening to truth, that clear seeing and love.

By starting like this 2018 will be our best year. It will also be your best offering to all that live.