Meditation Melbourne 2020

Introduction to Meditation classes Melbourne, 2020


Our introduction to meditation classes in Melbourne begin for 2020 on Tuesday, February 4 at the Augustine Centre, Main Hall, 2 Minona Street, Hawthorn.


The classes assume no prior knowledge, a good starting point for those new to meditation. Over an eight-week course you gain a solid grounding in meditation practice. There is much more to learn, but eight weeks gives enough confidence to continue the practice on your own should you wish.


Each class comprises a teaching on meditation and a period of guided meditation. There is an opportunity at the end for discussion, question-and-answer style.


Those with some prior experience of meditation report that going over the basics again helps improve understanding. So our classes are helpful for experienced meditators to build their understanding.


There are various forms of meditation. We cover many of them through the course of these introductory classes. You will also learn how to apply mindfulness and to improve the application of attention, focus and awareness in meditation practice.


Some people find an eight-week course is enough to satisfy their interest. Others will discover a thirst for more knowledge. Our classes continue to cover more ground throughout the year and provide the foundation for more advanced classes should you be interested.


Further meditation study and practice


These introductory classes are a precursor to the Buddhist meditation classes which follow them and which pursue meditation practice to its ultimate fulfilment as a path to enlightenment. 


If you would like to discover a sense of supreme calm within yourself; if you would like to develop focus, clarity, mindfulness and awareness; if you would like to deepen your understanding of how life unfolds around you, these meditation classes are a great starting point.


Learning meditation and mindfulness gives you tremendous tools for training your mind and developing a blissful inner state with which to engage in life’s adventures.


Starting at the beginning in 2020 is a great opportunity to launch your development from scratch.

If you are interested in joining our classes, please register here.