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Meditation classes sustain your practice of meditation. They get you started then give movitation for continuous development.

Learn meditation and mindfulness

Our meditation classes help you learn to meditate in guided sessions with clear explanation, with Tibetan Buddhist monk  Venerable Toby Gillies.

We have begun the list for those wishing to book a spot for our 2023 intake. If you would like to enquire about joining our classes please submit the form below.

Meditation classes begin in 2023 on Tuesday January 31st and will continue weekly.

7.30pm – 8.30pm

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Meditation classes guide you in a wonderful inner journey

Learn meditation and mindfulness from the ground up. Find a deeper understanding of your mind and emotions. Shape your mind to bring greater happiness, success and peace combined with the ability to share your absolute best with others. This is the aim of Toby Gillies’ meditation classes.


You will learn the methods of the Dalai Lama, perhaps the happiest, wisest man on earth. The Dalai Lama has been instrumental in collaborations with various Western disciplines. The fields of neuroscience and psychology now acknowledge the benefits of meditation and mindfulness. We are thus seeing some modern derivatives of these timeless Buddhist practices.


Through these classes, practitioners can expect to gain spiritual insights, better focus, concentration, deep inner stillness and calm. This will reduce our habit of distraction. We will overcome dullness and the obstacles to real concentration.
Our Hawthorn meditation centre is ideally located for those searching for meditation classes in Melbourne. Even if you live on the other side of town, you will find any travel worthwhile once you make a connection to the classes. Start your meditation practice today for a better tomorrow.
(As the classes are now conducted on Zoom, we can give even wider access.)
Meditation classes with Toby Gillies

The Structure of the Meditation Classes

To begin with, each session has a full explanation of how to meditate. We then continue to a guided meditation, before concluding with questions and discussions. Although you will gain a good understanding over an eight week block of classes, you can join the classes at any time.
You will find more on the practice of meditation here.

How Meditation Classes Can Help

Meditation helps you to discover more about your mind and its potential. With meditation you gain a tool that is beneficial to yourself, your relationships, career, hobbies and more. Anyone can learn to meditate and be mindful, which allows for better health, healing, emotional stability, relaxation, clarity, and focus. Some will enjoy the opportunity to go further and unleash the full power of their mind. You may even discover the extraordinary ability of Enlightenment, which has inspired seers over millennia.

What to Expect If I Am New to Meditation

Toby Gillies’ meditation classes are completely accessible to beginners – all you need to bring is yourself, with no prior experience being necessary. The sessions emphasise relaxation, accessibility and friendliness to provide you with the environment you need to access your deeper self. All are welcome to these classes, whether for a one-off class or ongoing attendance. The idea is to come along, try it out and see where you think you might be able to take it.
Furthermore, meditation classes are accessible to those of any faith or religion. While inspired by Buddhist techniques, the classes do not present a belief system to adopt. The classes will not clash with any pre-existing religious belief you may have, nor are they contrary to scientific or non-religious belief systems. In fact, the Buddha himself espoused cultivating wisdom, so you are not dependent on what others tell you. He encouraged us to listen, think and meditate as the means to true insight and understanding, which are the values that we uphold at our meditation classes, meaning you are completely welcome to make up your own mind about our meditation classes.

Meditation is a path of discovery. Through it we hope you discover your Enlightenment – you choose which elements to incorporate in your own life.

The Value of Attending Meditation Classes

The journey we take in meditation is personal and quite unique for each individual. The methods to unveil this inner path, though, are themselves universal. We learn them from a teacher of meditation and mindfulness, with the classes giving us the opportunity to study and question.
Meditation classes also connect us with the lineage of the meditation teachings. This line of teachers carry with them something of the energy of all who have gone before. Clear explanation and lineage is the most powerful transmission of the Dharma, the teachings on meditation.
We learn how to meditate. We receive guided meditations. Listening to what is true, the Dharma itself, is a valuable form of meditation. Consistent listening to the Dharma is very powerful in our spiritual development. It will remove misunderstandings and ignorance. It is like a light removing darkness from a room at night.

The insights that we develop from our meditation open up new and exciting ways to approach life.