Learn to Meditate in 2021


Our meditation classes continue in 2021 on Tuesday January, 12 at 7-8.00pm

This year our classes will explore the forms of meditation which make up the Tibetan Buddhist path to Enlightenment.

We will extend what we have learnt about mindfulness and meditation into the full inner transformation from chaotic reactiveness to freedom and ease, from suffering to bliss.

The classes will introduce new material each week so knowledge develops progressively. Each class will include instruction, guided meditation and opportunity for questions and discussion.

These sessions will be suitable for both newcomers to Buddhist meditation and for those with some experience in either, or both, meditation and Buddhism.

The Tibetan tradition of inner development and mind training is a treasure trove of knowledge that Western culture is just beginning to nibble around the edges. So these classes are a great opportunity to explore new ground. The rewards will surprise well into the distant future.

If you would like to join our sessions please feel free to enquire here.