Meditation Retreat Day

Our last meditation retreat day for 2017 was on Sunday October 8.  The subject was Meditations on the wheel of life as in the poster below.
The wheel of life is a representation of the round of life and lifetimes. It explains the many possible states of being. Life from human upwards to the realms of gods and down to the realms of endless and unbearable suffering. This the cycle of samasara. These realms mirror the psychological states we can move through in our present life. They also show us the pathways of our future evolution. 
The wheel of life explains that all our experiences are a result of our karma, what we have done. It shows that the source of the negative karma propelling life in samsara is non-virtue. It stems from anger and attachment and their root in ignorance.
The process of karma functions through twelve steps of creation. These are the twelve links of dependent origination. Understanding this process of karma enables us to change the process of creation. We disrupt suffering patterns and then build the future we want. We learn the vital points in the cycle where we can most do this.
Our retreat day explored this in meditations.
The day was divided into four main sessions. Each session consisted of explanation, guided meditation and discussion.


Venue:      Habitat Centre for Spirituality (Augustine Centre), 2 Minona street Hawthorn.

Times:      10.30am start, finish at 5.00pm.

Register:  To enquire about future retreat days please email

Queries:   By email or phone 0417 702 455





The wheel of life

Retreats from earlier this year

Hands contemplate

Mahamudra meditation

Sunday May 28

10-30am – 5.00pm

Main Hall, Augustine centre

2 Minona Street, Hawthorn, Melbourne.

Mahamudra meditation is a natural, intuitive way to realise the nature of consciousness.
The meditations take us to the conventional nature of consciousness. From there it is easier reach its ultimate nature. The two correspond to the developed and natural potential for enlightenment. They are our inner Buddha nature.
When we rest awareness in its true nature, our natural purity becomes evident. We free ourselves from the grip of karma. We can no longer be thrust into suffering. Our true nature brings forth our best self, no longer bound in ego’s prison. We engage others and the events of life in the vision of enlightenment. We engage them with love, which always brings benefit to both self and others.
The techniques which we will use involve deep relaxation. There is a particular focus on the aspects of mental awareness. The boons of this meditation are stability, bliss and clarity.
The day will include guided meditations, teaching and discussion.
There are four sessions with morning and afternoon tea provided. There will be a break for lunch and we suggest either the many local cafe’s or to bring your own lunch.

The cost for the day is $100 per person, paid on arrival.

There are straight-backed chairs at the hall, or cushions are available. The floor is carpetted. If you have a particularly comfortable cushion, you are welcome to bring it.

If you would like to attend please register your interest through the contact page.