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The law of cause and effect – Karma

Venerable Toby gave a seminar on karma at the Beaumaris Buddhist Meditation Centre, in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, on Sat. May 6, 2017.

The Beaumaris Buddhist Meditation Centre flyer (below) has the details for the day.

Plans are underway for another seminar in 2018. Details will be posted here closer to the date. The subject will most likely be around a discussion of ultimate and conventional truth, emptiness and depentent arising.

The sessions on karma emphised two lots of four points. Just as a memory trigger for those in the classes the points are: 

Four points on the dynamics of karma:

1. Karma is definite. Negative karma = suffering, Positive karma = happiness

2. Karma expands. The strength of karma grows unless it is counteracted.

3. No karmic cause, then no way to experience the result.

4. A karma will alway bring its congruent result. Unless counteracted.

Four points on counteracting negative karma. The four opponent powers:

1. The power of regret. Acknowledge, declare and regret.

2. The power of the object. Take refuge in the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. Generate bodhicitta

3. The power of the opponent. Engage in an opposing virtuous karma. Any good action.

4. The power of commitment. Determine not to create negative karma in future.

You will find a recent article on karma here and a related one on reincarnation here

Details of Ven. Toby’s next retreat day at Hawthorn are posted here.


Law of cause and effect karma

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