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The amazing implications of karma




This four week course on Thursday evenings will explore the mysterious impact karma has on our lives.


Whether we are successful in our endeavours or meet with catastrophe. Whether our most treasured relationships are enchanting or a fragmented war zone. All depends on karma.


Though we may be oblivious to the impact of karma, it never stops affecting us – never has, never will. Long life or short, good health or bad – all depends on karma.


This course will answer your questions. What is karma? How does it help me? How does it hinder me? How can I turn karma to gain the maximum advantage? Why do good people often seem to suffer more than evildoers.


And the bigger questions. How did we get here? Where do we go? What does it all mean?  Who is in charge? How does group karma affect the individual?


Once we know the workings of karma we can approach the specific meditations which directly change the results of karma. With this we discover our innate ability to shape our lives to the best possible outcome.


We can release ourselves from the grip of bad karma and reach enlightenment.


For more information visit Beaumaris Buddhist Meditation centre under Advanced Buddhist teachings.






7.30 – 8.30pm Thursday August 30, and September 6, 13 and 20




Beaumaris Buddhist Meditation Centre


27 Haywood street, Beaumaris, 3193

Phone: 9589 1838