Toby Gillies Buddhist Meditation

Buddhist meditation classes Melbourne

Buddhist meditation classes set out the meditations leading to Enlightenment.

The classes combine study and guided meditation to unravel the mysteries and show how to become truly free. Real freedom is to achieve complete and lasting freedom from any suffering.

The course of study for 2022 is the Lam Rim, or stages of the path.

Lam Rim Classes

 7.30pm-9.00pm, Monday evenings 
Through this year we will continue to study the meditations of the path to enlightenment as and then introduce further Sutra studies. These Buddhist meditation classes will continue in the same format and are suited to those who have been studying with Venerable Toby for a while. They would also be suitable for those with a related background in Buddhist study and practice.
For Buddhist meditation classes, the Lam Rim gives a systematic approach to meditation practice. It is unique to Tibetan Buddhism. The method condenses the essence of Buddhist practice of the path to enlightenment, putting it into progressive stages of understanding and showing how to integrate meditation into all areas of life. 
Lam Rim is recommended as the supreme method of spiritual development. It gives increased understanding and realisation of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition and  is the pre-requisite for engaging with the tantric (vajrayana) practices. It concludes with an introduction to Buddhist tantra.
If you would like to join our classes please enquire here.
Buddhist classes Melbourne

How we approach Buddhist meditation classes


The Buddhist meditation classes take our meditation and mindfulness to the next level. When we combine a study of Buddhist philosophy with meditation practice we can make real progress toward enlightenment. As a result there is no problem which we cannot resolve, and no attainment that is not possible. If we get serious and committed, progress comes quickly.
Life gives so many options. So there are a trillion paths that we can take. Where we go depends on which of the zillions of impulses we follow. We can categorize paths into good ones and bad ones. A good path takes us toward greater and greater happiness. By contrast a bad path in life takes us ever deeper into suffering.
Of course we choose the good path.
We learn that everything good in life comes as a result of good karma – good actions.  Thus all happiness, peace and joy, as well as all good circumstances and comforts, are a result of positive karma. So we want to create good karma. And we learn that this depends on good states of mind, or virtues.
Virtuous states are a genuine source of happiness to both oneself and others. They stimulate the impulses of good karma and favour the experiences of happiness.  Also they bring about the circumstances congruent with happiness. They are the states we cultivate in meditation.
Most importantly, virtuous states and good karma will always take us along a sound and beneficial path. This brings us into the path to enlightenment, the practice of lam rim.

Path to Enlightenment

With lam rim practice we begin moving toward enligthenment. But that is only a beginning, not the end of it. There remains the limiting influence of previous bad karma and the impulses toward negative states.
The many influences in our lives easily pull us back from the spiritual. These negative habits can be very strong and so, in the first instance we need the structure of regulary classes for guidance, motivation and inspiration. The encouragement builds the energy we need to reach enlightenment.
We also need meditation practices designed to purify negative karma, to break down the strength of negative habits. 
At the same time we need meditation practices designed to strengthen virtue. And meditation to increase positive karma. These meditation practices become our spiritual sadhana, our way of approaching enlightenment.
Buddhist meditation classes in Melbourne with Venerable Toby Gillies provide the knowledge to be able to go about this. Also they give us the opportunity to study further and refine our practice of meditation. The classes lay out the steps to enlightenment. They reveal the means of awakening. More on this here.

Retreat Days

Where: Augustine Centre: 2 Minona Street Hawthorn. Main Hall.
When: 10.30am-5.00pm, Sundays.
Paused for the time being

(Still reluctant to set dates with the uncertainty around Covid. If you would like to be kept informed when retreat days start again, please complete the form here.)

A retreat day is an opportunity to deepen your meditation experience. The day gives the added confidence of guided sessions, explanations and discussion. Retreat days are best for those who are familiar with the basics. The topics for each day will be posted closer to the date.
Setting aside a day for spiritual development and relaxation can help sort through obstacles. It will open the mind to new insights and great clarity. It allows an uninterrupted go at your spiritual practice. So meditations build on each other. This gives a stronger and deeper experience of where meditation can take you.
It rare to be able to make time for spiritual development. The pressing nature of life pull us into being ever more busy. So a precious time is the days we are able to give to a greater purpose. It is time we spend in a protected environment. We aim at developing our meditation practice. We discover more of our personal journey to enlightenment.
Consistent daily meditation brings constant improvement. Retreat days deepen the effect of this. We try to cover a different approach each retreat so our skillset becomes broader.
The constant is a lift in mood, more peace and a smile at the end of the day.