Meditation Classes Melbourne


With Buddhist monk Toby Gillies

Ven. Toby Gillies

“Meditation is a skill cultivated through study and practice.

Our introductory classes help you develop your ability and discover just how far meditation can take you.


Meditation classes in Melbourne


Are you interested in learning meditation in Melbourne? If so, a new skill with bringing great benefits awaits. With meditation you find a path to ever greater happiness, joy and bliss. In a meditative state, we have increasing freedom from stress, pressure and suffering, and move instead towards peace, happiness and greater capability to embrace the boundless possibilies of life.

The real purpose of meditation and mindfulness practice is to help us feel great. It is to release us from limitation and unpleasant experiences, from bad habits and suffering, and guide us instead towards happiness, relaxation and peace within.

Meditation takes us to a natural level of happiness in the form of a constant sense of bliss. This comes from within no matter what is happening around you in life. It is just always there, ever available to you, when cultivated through meditation classes.


About Meditation  Melbourne


Take a breath, create time and space, and relax. Enter into the wonderful stillness, peace and calm that awaits you in meditation with Toby Gillies’ offerings of meditation in Melbourne. From the beginner-friendly Intro to Meditation to advanced Buddhist classes, a meditation class is available to all with an interest.


Meditation Techniques from Tibetan Buddhism


Toby Gillies’ meditation classes, both introductory and advanced, are guided by the values of Tibetan Buddhism, exploring both sutra and tantra.

This unique progressive structure of methods leading to enlightenment begins with single pointed concentration (samadhi), which leads to calm abiding (samatha). We then combine calm abiding and insight (vipassana) to realise ultimate truth and thus complete freedom, bliss and peace.

Learn to meditate in 2021


Through weekly meditation classes you will notice the effect of regular practice. First, we reduce our sense of stress and anxiety. Then we find a new sense of stillness and calm. Most of all, with mindfulness we can then extend the benefits of meditation into all parts of our lives.

Meditation is a spiritual journey. In the first place we conquer our fears and increase positive emotions.

Then we discover how regular meditation releases us from the hold of negativity and self-limiting attitudes.

Mindful living brings a new awareness of ourselves and those we interact with. We get to know the workings of our mind and can see clearly where the contents of mind are helping us. Then we can contrast this with where our mindset may hinder us and block our development. In time, we gain all the meditation methods we need to overcome hindrances.

Meditation, mindfulness and mind


Mindfulness is a part of meditation that is centred around attention, awareness and developing concentration. All our introductory meditation classes emphasise the practice of mindfulness. This can help us to focus on the present moment and bring greater awareness and clarity to all we do.

Meditation and mindfulness reveal our habits, feelings, emotions and intuitive senses, making us conscious of our otherwise mindless reactions to life’s events.

Further, as our inner world changes, physical changes also occur. We experience improved health, more energy and better sleep, with meditation now being found to be an great adjunct to healing.

“Meditation is a clear eyed encounter with reality”



The Sanskrit, Pali and Tibetan terms for mindfulness translate as ‘remembering’. Consequently, a more accurate description of mindfulness than ‘paying attention’ would be ‘retaining attention’.
‘Remembering’ brings your attention back when your mind wanders to the past or future in your meditation practice.

In meditation we use a method of mindfulness of the breath, and then cultivate mindfulness of the body, the feelings, the mind and the phenomena of mind. These are the famous Buddhist practices of the four foundations of mindfulness.


Study and Learning How to Meditate


To gain the best results from meditation, we need to study the practice. This study provides both direction and inspiration. In other words, it motivates us to continue and be consistent. Toby Gillies’ meditation classes provide a supportive environment for learning so that practice and study complement each other. If you turn to Toby Gillies to learn meditation, you will appreciate the convenient location at 2 Minona St, Hawthorn.

More so, since Covid, we are holding our classes using the Zoom platform. Though Hawthorn is a nice central location, your lounge room probably has it covered for convenience.

Your Meditation Teacher


It is always the right time to learn to meditate. However, we often need convincing to make the time. We can see the benefits of better focus, sharper awareness, better health and sleep, but may find that we are still not convinced by the anecdotal or scientific evidence. To be convinced, we have to try it as guided by an experienced practitioner.

In fact, if you feel that you do not have time to meditate, you can take that as a sign that meditation will really help you.

The experienced practitioner conducting our Buddhist meditation classes is Venerable Toby Gillies. He was ordained in the tradition of His Holiness the Dalai Lama in 1986 by scholar-monk Geshe Thubten Loden. Since, Venerable Toby has worked with his teacher for a time establishing the Tibetan Buddhist Society. He served Geshe-la in writing his nine acclaimed books,  and whilst doing this participated in countless meditation retreats. He is a member of the SeraJe Monastic University in Mysore, India, in the Denma College.

Toby moved to giving these classes in Hawthorn in 2011.


Authentic Buddhist Teachings for Meditation Classes in Melbourne


Venerable Toby has been teaching beginners for 40 years, focusing on making the practice clear, accessible and free of dogma. Toby understands the demands of modern Western life, acknowledging the gradual changes in perspective that will bring real and potent benefits. Toby has taught thousands of people how to meditate in an engaging, down-to-earth manner.

Melbourne Buddhist Meditation Classes in Hawthorn was established in 2011. Prior to that Toby taught at centres throughout Melbourne and continues to give workshops and meditation classes in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs.