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Learning to meditate can open a new vista of inner experience where you discover the means to ever greater happiness and true freedom. By learning the path to enlightenment you will access your full human potential.Class info


Spending a day in meditation retreat can help make rapid progress with your practice. These days explore specific methods and include instruction, guided meditation and discussion.Retreat day schedule


Venerable Toby Gillies is a Buddhist monk with vast experience in teaching meditation and the wisdom of the path to enlightenment.About Toby

Explore both meditation and wisdom

With the right knowledge base, grounded in a sound philosophical system, meditation practice can lead to deep insight into the realms of human potential and lead us to engage the path to enlightenment


Meditation brings a state of simple relaxation combined with focussed alertness. It is a sense of clarity and deep seated inner peace. This state of meditation allows you to explore your inner world, giving conscious access to normally sub conscious levels of mind. By gathering your attention inward you are able to gain direct insight into the feeling, emotional, intellectual and intuitive elements of inner experience and begin to direct the full energy of your inner world toward ever greater happiness, fulfillment, freedom, success and abundance in life.More about meditation

Meditation Benefits

  • Become more relaxed. Experience a complete de-stress! Regular meditation relaxes body and mind
  • Develop great clarity and stronger concentration. Both single pointed concentration and analytical abilities are improved.
  • Become naturally happier. Gain more enjoyment in life. See more clearly the way that feeling and emotions colour our experience of life, and how meditation transforms them in a way that produces ever greater joy, contentment, fulfilment and satisfaction.
  • Have tremendous resilience and overcome fear. Great stability of mind is a result of meditation. A strong mind can make courageous decisions easily.
  • Discover the path to enlightenment. The greatest use for meditation is ongoing inner development, a genuine and useful spiritual path. The ultimate goal of meditation practice is the complete freedom and bliss of enlightenment.

The pursuit of wisdom is the pursuit of what is true and the natural outcome of this is to awaken to reality. The wiser we are, the more accurately and realistically we know ourselves and the world around us and in this we come to live in the realms of the good, the beautiful and the true. The role of wisdom

Tibetan Buddhism in the West today

Over the last fifty years Tibetan Buddhism has proven a great influence in the modern world. This ancient tradition has contributed much to the fields of philosophy, psychology, neuro-science and a variety of disciplines exploring human potential.



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Tibetan Buddhism

Tibetan Buddhism

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Geshe Thubten Loden

Geshe Thubten Loden

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