Retreat – October 25

Death, Rebirth and Between

This retreat will take the day to explore the Tibetan teachings on the process of dying by examining the states of consciousness through which we move in that final absorption of the present life. The guided meditation sessions of the day will mirror these states in meditative absorptions which are similar and help to unveil the secrets of dying.  Having a real understanding of what to expect  helps alleviate the feelings of anxiety and fear that many have in relation to death for either themselves or loved ones.

IMG_4948-Safrongrag_01Following death, ones stream of consciousness leaves the body and enters a ‘Between’ state the adventures in which lead to the next rebirth. We will learn what the Tibetan texts tell us of this and how best to navigate the Between.

Tibetan Buddhism presents an unequalled resource on these important subjects, and the teachings also help to explain some of the methods of Buddhist tantra and how they can enhance each moment of life.

The retreat will be held at:

The Augustine Centre, 2 Minona St. Hawthorn

Sunday October 25, 2015 –  from 10.30am to 5.00pm.

The meditations on the retreat will be under the guidance of Venerable Toby Gillies. The day will consist of guided meditation mixed with explanation to encompass both theory and practice.

To register please email from the contact page, or register at the Tuesday class.