There is enough time

Learn to meditate.

Unravel the  complexities of the mind.

Discover the gifts and solutions that lie within.

New classes for 2017

Meditation Classes

New for 2017 are a series of Introductory classes. They are designed for those who are new to the practice and require no prior knowledge.
The classes will include instruction and guided meditation practice developed progressively over the eight week course.

The Teacher

Our classes are conducted by the Venerable Toby Gillies. Toby is a Buddhist monk with full ordination in the Tibetan tradition, an ordination in an unbroken lineage passed down from the Buddha himself.
Toby is an experienced and (at times) somewhat amusing teacher.

Advanced Classes

This year we will continue the Lam Rim classes on Tuesday evenings from 8.00pm-9.00pm. We will begin where we left off last year in the Wisdom chapter and continue to explore meditations on emptiness.
Retreat days will also be scheduled on a number of Sundays throughout the year.

More on Meditation

Meditation relaxes tension, releases emotional build up and frees up the mind. It allows a level of clarity and provides a platform for ever increasing levels of inner development, happiness and success.
Meditation gives us the tools we need to deal with any challenge that life may cast our way.