Meditation Classes


Venerable Toby Gillies

Venue: Augustine Centre, 2 Minona Street Hawthorn.

Time: 7.30-9.00pm Tuesday evenings.

Cost: $20 per session on arrival.

The Tuesday meditation classes will continue our exploration of Buddha Nature, by following the famous ten points and nine examples which define and explain the immanence of divine presence and its expression as our very nature – our authentic being.  The guided meditations will present a variety of methods to free ourselves from reactive patterns and obscuring conceptuality to enter a pure awareness in the immediacy of the moment and thus benefit both self and others. Over the remainder of  2014 there will be an emphasis on how we can resolve the issues arising from anger, attachment and the like by using the transformative approaches of the fundamental goodness and immanence of pure awareness. 

The teachings are conducted by the Venerable Toby Gillies. Toby is a Buddhist monk and teaches according to the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

All are welcome, whether for a one off class or ongoing attendance. Booking is not required, but enquiries are welcome through the contact page. There are straight backed chairs and also cushions.