Meditation Retreat


The retreat will be held at:

The Augustine Centre, 2 Minona St. Hawthorn

Sunday September 7, 2014,  from 10.30am to 5.00pm


When we allow the space to free ourselves from the ‘thinking mind’, the endless chatter and drama of discursive thought, we awaken to a new level of awareness, a sense of knowing directly and nakedly without the ongoing huff and puff of the voice in the head. In the peace of this greater awareness we are attuned to our authentic being and, seeing our place in the world, we see clearly what is true and genuinely of benefit to both ourself and those around us. No longer captured by thought, we are then free to spontaneously give birth to ideas and views wedded to reality rather than identity. This becomes our unique expression of Buddha nature, the highest truth of our life.

The meditations on the retreat will explore this journey. Under the guidance of Venerable Toby Gillies, the day will consist of guided meditation mixed with explanation to encompass both theory and practice.

To register please email from the contact page, or register at the Tuesday class.