Lam Rim Classes


Venerable Toby Gillies

Where: Augustine Centre, 2 Minona Street Hawthorn

When: 7.30-9.00pm, Tuesday evenings

Commencing for 2016 on Feb 2 

The Lam Rim classes will continue on from where we finished last year, at the Path of Medium Scope, which is about half way through the text. The meditation classes will include both theory and guided meditation with the opportunity for questions and discussion at the end of the session. They are intended for those who have been studying with Venerable Toby over the last year or two, although newer students are welcome to indicate their interest.

Lam Rim is a systematic approach to meditation practice that is unique to Tibetan Buddhism. The method condenses the essence of Buddhist practice of the path to enlightenment into progressive stages of understanding and gives meditation approaches to quickly and efficiently gain the benefit of these views. It has been strongly recommended as the foundation of spiritual development and increased understanding and realisation of the Tibetan Buddhist wisdom tradition. Lam Rim is also acknowledged as providing the most suitable foundation for tantric (vajrayana) teachings.

All are welcome, whether for a one off class or ongoing attendance. Booking is not required. There are straight backed chairs and also cushions.


Tibetan Buddhist meditation