Venerable Toby Gillies

Toby is a Buddhist Monk and has been giving classes on meditation practice, mindfulness and the wisdom tradition of Tibetan Buddhism for thirty years.

He gives classes each Tuesday evening in Hawthorn, Melbourne.

Lam Rim Classes

Lam Rim, or the Stages of the Path (to Enlightenment), gives a comprehensive explanation of the main elements of the spiritual path. It sets out a series of meditations and a variety of forms of meditation in a philosophical framework. It is the major forum for the study of the sutra practices of Tibetan Buddhism. The classes have both explanation and guided meditation as well as Q&A style discussion.
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Start Learning

These classes are presented from time to time to introduce students to the practice of meditation and the basics of Buddhist philosophy. They cover single-pointed meditation and analytical meditation, including various forms of visualisation and mantra meditation. Buddhist Ethics, Meditation and Wisdom are the main spheres of study.


Retreat days are scheduled throughout the year on Sundays. They give a wonderful opportunity to deepen meditation experience through guided meditation and explanation.
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